RaspberryPi-in-a-stick Stealth Nighthawk F-117A promises XBMC on your HDMI TV

The Raspberry Pi has won friends and plaudits around the world for being a low-cost introduction into the world of computer programming. But it’s always equally won fans for its ability to create a moderately-performing media centre on the back of the popular XBMC app through the OS, raspbmc.

However, according to cnx-software.com, has now decided to take the Raspberry Pi hardware, turn it into a TV stick and create an XBMC-running mini computer that hides behind your TV’s HDMI port.

The Stealth Nighthawk F-117A sounds a little faster than it actually is in practice – Broadcom’s 700MHz ARM11-based BCM2835 media applications processor wasn’t a fast chip when the Raspberry Pi was released last year, but you’d have to say it’s probably less so now. Still, the F-117A will run at the same 700MHz clock-rate, load its XBMC OS operating system (raspbmc) via SD card but will have 802.11n Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet. The developer has it listed as an Indiegogo project with a funding goal of $40,000. So far, it’s just under $3000 with a little over two weeks to go.

It’s great to see people being enterprising and having a go, but when you can pick up a 1.6GHz quad-core TV stick for another $10 or so, a RasPi TV stick may have been a better option last year.

Still, you never know…

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