New Samsung XP941 PCIe SSD delivers 1.4GB/second data speed

SamsungssdWhile the PC component after-market is doing a roaring trade on solid-state drives, even the best of the SATA3 models pales against the latest compact offering from Samsung.

The Korean giant has just announced it has begun mass production of its first PCIe SSD designed for ultrabook computers.

Called the XP941, the new compact drive is tiny – it’s not much larger than a stick of SO-DIMM RAM – and will be available in three flavours: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. The form factor is the brand-new M.2, measuring 80 x 22mm.

That small size also contributes to its feather weight, weighing just six grams. When you’re looking to shave off grams from an ultrabook design, a PCIe SSD weighs around a tenth of a typical 2.5-inch form factor solid-state drive and is an easy, if expensive way, to lose weight.

But just as impressive as its size, is the speed – it waves at SATA3 on the way to an impressive 1.4GB/second sequential read speed, fast enough to copy 10 HD movies at 5GB each in around 36 seconds total.

And just as engadget has also twigged, we reckon the XP941 would have a likely customer already waiting in the very recently announced new Apple MacBook Air series, which features 128GB and 256GB ‘flash storage’ options.

There are no details of general availability or pricing but you’ll find more details at the Samsung Semiconductor website.


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