Netflix signs DreamWorks for new TV series

mk808netflixOne of the most popular uses for mini PCs is signing up for a Netflix account and watching TV shows and movies streamed over the internet.

The popular content streaming service has announced it has a signed a content deal with Hollywood studio DreamWorks to produce new content based on upcoming movies and TV shows, according to a report in engadget.

In the report, the first series is said to be a spin-off of the up-coming movie called ‘Turbo’ and will air in 2014.

Netflix is an internet-streaming service that provides unlimited library content streamed over the internet in the US and other select regions for $US8 a month. Unlimited fee-per-month streaming services are proving popular with users looking to cut costs and not pay the pay-per-view rates from services like iTunes or Google Movies.

The service is available on PC, Android and iOS and its the Android client app that has made it a popular choice with Android-powered mini PC owners.

Dual-core mini PCs are the popular choice for Netflix although with new quad-core mini PCs now well under $US100 in the retail channel, they’re likely to quickly become the go-to device and the defacto standard for Netflix viewing. It has also seen the arrival of new ROMs specifically built to fix problems playing Netflix streams in devices like the MK808 and Bluetooth-enabled MK808B mini PCs.


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