Tincore Keymapper plays touch-only games via USB keyboard or gamepad

keymapperAndroid gaming is cool – many of us were introduced to it via the addictive madness that was Angry Birds. But using a touchscreen interface isn’t always the best way to play every game.

Enter the free utility called Tincore Keymapper. It allows you to use a USB or Bluetooth keyboard, gamepad, controller or device buttons to control touch-only games. It’ll even work with Wiimotes but only on Android releases prior to 4.2. Apparently, OS incompatibilities cause this to fail.

The tool also comes with an experimental IME (input method editor) but you don’t need to use it. What you do need, however, is root access on your device. It should also have a kernel that supports uinput mode (not mandatory but it’ll help game compatibility).

You can read more about it over at Google Play where the app is available for free, but feel free to donate if you think the app deserves support.

Apart from root access, the app also needs a minimum of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system.

The developer is adding native driver support for some devices, like the JXD S7300 and more devices are being added.

There’s also a support group for help on using Tincore Keymapper over at Google Groups.

Some Android devices already come with basic support for DualShock 3 or Xbox wired controllers, but if you want to be able to expand the number of physical devices you can game with as well as the number of games, Keymapper might be well worth a look.

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