CPU-Z for Android appears on Google Play

cpu-zFor finding out what’s inside your Windows computer in terms of its engine room hardware, there probably isn’t a tool better for the job than CPU-Z. It’s ability to slice through your CPU’s features and come up with a detailed, compact list is legendary. It’s been around since the early days of Intel’s Pentium 4 CPU and has been keeping pace with desktop mainstream CPU developments ever since.

Now the goodness of CPU-Z is available for Android smartphones, tablets and mini PCs free from Google Play.

What’s impressive about CPU-Z for Android is its ability again to detail features about the SoC CPU, the device itself including the operating system and screen resolution (amongst a whole bunch of other stuff) and the battery, from its capacity to status and even temperature.

It needs at least Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) so it won’t work on older Gingerbread-era smartphones, but if you’ve ever wanted to know more about your device than its manufacturer would let on, CPU-Z is the perfect way to find out.

And it comes at such a great price…

In some ways, Linux makes it easier to find this information than Windows (particularly when you start diving into ioctl calls) but that won’t diminish it’s value any.

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