New Getac Z710 Android tablet tough enough to survive explosions


If you’re afraid to take your Galaxy Tab or iPad out in the weather – well more than just the weather, try extreme conditions like on a oil and gas well – this new Getac Android tablet might just outlast you.

The new Z710 has been designed to handle the toughest of conditions and packs in a 7-inch tablet with 1024×600-pixel resolution. There’s no information on the processing horsepower or storage, but it’ll be interesting to see if Getac chooses something like Rockchip’s RK3xxx series or goes for a Qualcomm option instead.

As a sign that this isn’t your ordinary type of tablet, the touchscreen is designed to still work even with gloves on (so it’ll be super-sensitive) and comes with a barcode scanner and RFID reader built-in. But according to TabTimes, the Getac Z710 is the only Android tablet that meets the ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere) Zone II certification for use in explosive conditions. So basically, it’s supposed to survive a explosion – we hope no-one has to find out.

The one thing you can’t quibble about is the price – at an expected $2299, you won’t be finding one of these on the subway any time soon – unless they find oil down there!

So far, the tablet is in pre-production with the first samples expected to be sold in July this year.


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