Intel turns off all overclocking on all but K-class Haswell chips

intelcpuIf you were hoping to gain some extra ‘free’ performance in Intel’s fourth-generation Core series chips, don’t hold your breath.

The Tech Report is reporting that Intel has not only ensured it’s locked the multiplier settings of its new Haswell-class non-K CPUs – something also done on previous Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge CPUs – it’s now gone a step further and even removed the minor turbo overclocking that was available under those old chips. The overclocking was made possible by Intel allowing users to increase the turbo peak frequency by 400MHz. That feature has been removed from all Haswell chips except the premium-priced K variants.

Effectively, it means Haswell overclocking on non-K chips is less usable than Ivy Bridge.

So while Intel has added some improved overclocking options dragged in from its LGA2011 platform, you’ll still only get those options if you fork out for one of the premium K-series chips, either the Core i7 4770K or Core i5 4570K processors.

While Intel’s decision is said to be based on the fact that ‘business and consumers don’t overclock’, there are growing rumours that Haswell chips do not overclock as well as previous-generation options. If true, it’s an interesting development and not all that surprising as previous-generation Ivy Bridge chips were reportedly not as good in the overclocking department as the generation before that, Sandy Bridge.

However, Intel also continues the tradition with Haswell of removing some of its high-end technology from its K-series options. For example, the Core i7 4770K processor is stripped of TSX memory extensions, Intel’s VT-d (Virtualisation Technology for Directed I/O) feature and its vPro security extensions. These features all exist in the Core i7 4770. But if you look back at the corresponding Core i7 3770K chip from the Ivy Bridge range, the same features are missing in that setup as well. You can see the comparisons between the Core i7 4770K and 4770K CPUs here.



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