DigiX Arduino-compatible Wi-Fi-ready board gets Kickstarter project, meets $50,000 goal

digixArduino is arguably the most popular hobbyist microcontroller base going around and while the latest Arduino Due raises the bar, it still doesn’t have enough of everything for everyone.

The Arduino Due was already a step up, swapping the 16MHz 8-bit ATMEGA328P microcontroller for a 84MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 chip from Atmel. But the new DigiX board aims to take the Due base to another level.

The DigiX Arduino-compatible board is built on the Due form factor so its compatible with all Due shields but unlike the Due, there isn’t a spec of spare real estate on this one anywhere. It’s loaded to the eyeballs with extra goodies, including stereo analog audio output, but also incorporates a built-in low-power 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module, complete with TCP/IP stack and wireless mesh network module.

The mesh feature appears to be built around the nRF24L01+ wireless module and through mesh, you can talk to other nRF24L01+ devices as well as use the DigiX to hook into your home Wi-Fi network. One example could be a series of remote cell weather beacons on a property that use mesh to communicate and DigiX to talk to your PC over Wi-Fi.

While the board has apparently already been completed, the Kickstarter project is aimed at trying to get the price down to just $59, or less than $10 more than the average selling price for the official Arduino Due board.

The board also comes with enough digital I/O pins to satisfy any design – 99 in total – and has MicroUSB with OTG functionality.

The Kickstarter project met its $50,000 target within two weeks and finishes on July 7. The deal is get a board for $59 in September or pay $149 for a limited (100) edition boards, signed and delivered.

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