Apple getting 4.7, 5.7-inch and $99 iPhones?

iphone5The rumour mill is getting a workout at the moment with the latest one being Apple is set to expand its phone offer beyond the one-now-one-earlier production cycle.

Since Apple launched its famed phone in 2007, its strategy has been to launch one new phone, sell the previous model at a discount, and if you’re lucky sell the one before that at an even greater discount.

The problem is, even an Apple ‘stage-2′ discount can’t complete with the wealth of budget sub-$150 Android smartphones that cover the globe.

At the other end of the market, the skinny comparatively-low resolution of the iPhone 5 is struggling to compete with the luxury phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Mega series where ‘six’ (inches) is the new ‘four’.

Enter the rumour, which has Apple CEO Tim Cook getting ready to sign off on not one but two new phones – one at 4.7-inches and another at an almost tablet-like 5.7-inches.

According to laptopmag, the phone giant is said to be planning a $99 smartphone as well. If so, it’ll be an interesting move. First, it’ll all but kill off the iPod Touch unless it’s so stripped back to make the Touch still a worthwhile option. But if you strip it back too much, it’ll defeat the purpose of grabbing back some entry-level market share which, for now, Apple is just giving away to Samsung et al. Decisions, decisions.

The latest news being reported from Reuters is that the $99 phone will be made from plastic and features six different colours – that sort of sounds like Apple’s ‘going back to the well’ for another bucket of 1998 iMac, but we’ll see if these rumours come true. Still, it’s not stopping plenty of speculation, which never seems to do Apple any harm.


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