Samsung to launch ‘mirrorless’ Android camera June 20


Samsung’s original Galaxy Camera

It looks as though Samsung doesn’t mind clouding consumers with news that it will soon launch multiple Android camera devices.

No sooner has word leaked out about the up-coming Galaxy S4 Zoom that Samsung boss, Shin Jong-Kyun, seemed happy to tell the Korea Times that his company was set to launch “our latest mirrorless camera that runs on Google’s Android software”. However, he didn’t actually put ‘mirrorless camera’ and ‘Galaxy Camera 2′ together in the same sentence so we’re only putting the pieces together for now.

What it does mean is get ready for a bumper crop of device launches on June 20.

However, the choice of ‘mirrorless’ will make the camera the first of its type to combine Android with this camera type, potentially offering optics that leave even the Galaxy S4 Zoom behind. Swappable lenses? While they’re a possibility on almost any mirrorless camera sold to date, their appearance here will depend on how serious Samsung is on growing this product niche. So far, its only other Android-powered camera performed solidly without being a game-changing product.

What is clear is Samsung’s continued plan to merge Android deeper into its product range. With the likes of Canon already having to be interested in how the Galaxy S4 Zoom sells, the upcoming mirrorless option will push Android into a new category of photography device and put even more pressure on traditional camera vendors.

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