Seagate launches 4TB NAS HDD for home storage


Hard drive manufacturer Seagate has launched a new series of high-capacity hard drives designed for use in network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

The NAS HDD is designed to run in small NAS systems with one to five bays used typically in home and small business applications but are generally left on 24 hours a day.

  • high capacity — up to 4TB available.
  • high performance — Seagate claims industry-leading performance with high data throughput
  • NASWorks— Seagate includes software that’s designed to improve error correction but also improve physical factors such as power management and vibration tolerances.
  • Improved Vibration Tolerance— dual-plane balance supports the unique weighted motor design minimizing vibration that can be amplified in multi-drive systems improving the drive’s performance and system reliability.
  • Advanced Power Management— supports multiple user-selectable power profiles that can optimize power usage for different workloads to minimize power consumption while maintaining high-availability performance.
  • Quiet Drive Operation— the NAS HDDs are claimed to have a noise level of just 1.9 Bel, making them suitable for home theatre use.

At this stage, there are no details on pricing or availability but with smartphones and tablets able to access media files over home networks, bulk hard drive storage is something that’s probably more relevant to mini-computing than you may have realised.

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