ROM Roundup – new ROM releases for Hyundai T7, Measy U4B, CX-919, iMito QX1


iMito QX1 mini PC

We’re starting up a new regular column call ROM Roundup to keep track of the ROM releases for various mini PCs, tablets and smartphones. Sign up or simply search for ROM Roundup to find the latest news of ROMs for favourite devices.

Hyundai Digital has released a new official stock Android 4.2 ROM for its T7 tablet. This ROM replaces the original Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) release and is said to be much smoother. The downside is that it causes the tablet to default back to Chinese. However, has a nice visual instruction for setting in back to English.

* Measy has unveiled a new Android 4.2 stock ROM for its U4B quad-core mini PC. Again, has download and installation instructions (installing is mostly copying the ROM to the root folder of your MicroSD card and booting up to allow the device to see it. You then just follow the prompts.)

* Finless Bob continues his busy ways, unleashing another of his custom ROM specials, this time for the CX-919 mini PC. We’ve already look at this today but included it here for completeness. You can download the new ROM from the freaktab website.

* iMito has also released a new ROM for its quad-core QX1 mini PC, this time offering 1080p native-desktop resolution. It’s quite common to find numerous ROMs available for devices, first just to cater for different screen resolutions. Typically, you’ll find one optimised for 720 (1280×720-pixel) resolution and another for 1080p (1920×1080). Most mini PCs don’t perform as well when outputting a 1080p desktop, but it looks much better on full-HD TVs. Anyway, the QX1 now gets the option of two. has the details.

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