Quad-core QC802 mini PC now available for $65

qc802This time last year, we were looking at the original MK802 with its single-core Allwinner A10 SoC CPU and marveling that its pricing was falling to below $70.

Scroll on to June 2013 and pricing pressures due to immense competition is seeing the first quad-core mini PC now hit similar price points.

The QC802 – a quad-core mini PC powered by Rockchip’s everywhere RK3188 quad-core processor – is now available for as little as $US65, according to cnx-software.com.

You can pick up the mini PC from a reseller on Alixpress for as little as $US61.75. By the time you add in shipping costs, it pushes the all-up price to a little over $US71, which is remarkably low for a quad-core mini PC.

The QC802 is built into a similar chassis to the MK802 III, a dual-core Rockchip RK3066-powered mini PC with an internal Wi-Fi antenna and powered by Google’s Android 4.1.1 operating system. Unlike the CX-919, the QC802 features a built-in HDMI plug but should include a short HDMI extension cable to make it easier to connect it to your big-screen TV or monitor.

At this price, it is the cheapest mini PC on the market with Rockchip’s RK3188 quad-core SoC CPU.


ProcessorRockChip RK3188 quad-core Cortex A9
ClockUp to 1.8GHz
GPU typeMali-400 MP4
Operating systemAndroid 4.2
Internal storage8GB
External storageMicroSD, up to 32GB
Wi-Fi connectivity802.11b/g/n
No./type of USB portstwo (2)
HDMI form factorHDMI v1.4
Dimensions101 x 38 x 13mm
Announce DateMarch 2013

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