Raspberry Pi gets the Ben Heck treatment

piconsoleIt’s been turned into a 1001 different projects, even sent into the lower levels of the stratosphere.

But it’s still an impressive sight when you see famed hardware reengineer Ben Heckendorn take the Raspberry Pi and turn it into a very stylish battery-powered games console.

According to liliputing and Digital Trends, Ben was forced to hack the Raspberry Pi board, removing the Ethernet port and the USB socket in order to get the Pi board into his desired case. But when you consider he also managed to squeeze in an LCD screen and battery, it’s an impressive effort.

The first half of the process is described in Part 1 of the Ben Heck Show, now online, with Part 2 airing on June 14.

If you’re wondering why he just didn’t start with a Model A Raspberry Pi that already has the Ethernet port removed and just a single USB port, we think its because the Model A comes with only 256MB of RAM, which would greatly restrict the performance levels you’d get from the Pi’s Broadcom BCM2835 SoC CPU, even if you overclocked it to its 1GHz-or-so limit. With 512MB of RAM, the original Model B board is a much better starting proposition.

What would be interesting is to see if the same thing is possible by pulling apart a mini PC like an old MK802 or similar and turning it into a Linux-running games console…

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