Raspberry Pi differences – Model A vs Model B

The Raspberry Pi mini computer comes in two flavours known as ‘Model A’ and ‘Model B’.

Apart from price, the main differences between the two versions are:

* Model B as 512MB of RAM; the Model A only 256MB.

* Model B has Ethernet; Model A doesn’t.

* Model B has two USB2.0 ports; Model A has only one.

Other than that, the two boards are identical. Essentially, the Model A board gives you exactly the same circuit board but with a different USB connector and no Ethernet RJ45 socket. The Ethernet controller chip is also missing from the Model A.

Both boards feature the same Broadcom BCM2835 SoC processor running at 700MHz. However, both are overclockable up to as high as 1GHz (there are no guarantees but you can aim for that level, thanks to the latest Raspbian operating system, which makes overclocking a much easier job).

Both boards feature composite-video for older TVs and HDMI v1.3/v1.4 for new big-screen models.

The Model A also retains the ribbon edge connector, allowing you to use the new Raspberry Pi camera in your projects.

With less features, the Model A should use less power – that said, the Model B isn’t exactly a power hog in its own right. You should be able to power both boards with any standard 5VDC/1A USB phone charger.



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