Is there a fundamental problem with 7-inch Windows 8 tablets?

fitWith all the talk about compact seven and eight-inch Windows 8 tablets working their way through production at the moment, there could be a problem brewing.

And that problem could be what’s called ‘pixel density’.

Pixel density is the number of pixels in a unit area – the more pixels, the higher the density.

So far, Android has managed to successfully navigates its way through the minefield and works exceptionally well on a small-size high-resolution screen.

But the big question is whether Windows 8 can safely navigate the same course.

In full-screen/Modern UI mode, it should be pretty much ‘smooth sailing’. With large tiles, it won’t be too hard to hit the right tile to launch your desired app. The question will come when users try to switch to desktop mode and do the same thing.

We think running a Windows 8 tablet with 1280×800-pixel resolution on a 7-inch screen is going to be difficult – by the time you start looking for icons on the taskbar or system tray, you’ll be out looking for a magnifying glass.

But worse, actuating those icons is going to be tricky to say the least.

On a 7-inch screen, a 32-pixel icon is going to be no more than four millimetres or about 1/6th of an inch. Trying to tap those icons, particularly when they’re closely spaced, with your finger tip repeatedly will require dexterity and concentration. Frankly, we┬áit’s likely a stylus will have to be a must-have accessory.

At the very least, consumers should try to tap on Windows desktop icons and see if they can do it repeatedly with accuracy, before handing over any cash.

Windows 8 is trying hard to become a tablet OS, but its roots and continued success are still bound to big-screen desktop and notebook display panels.

Tapping away on Windows desktop icons on a high-resolution 7-inch screen may end up an exercise in frustration.

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