Mele starts shipping A1000G TV box

a1000gChinese TV box maker Mele was one of the first brands to jump on-board the Android TV hub revolution with its A1000-series desktop offerings.

Those early models featured the popular single-core Allwinner A10 SoC CPU running at 1GHz.

Well, Mele is back with its new A1000G model, featuring Allwinner’s revved-up quad-core A31 Cortex A7 processor. Performance-wise, it’ll leave the original A10-based models for dust, but it won’t match the latest Cortex A15 CPUs inside Android devices like the Galaxy S4 smartphone. Still, it’ll get the job done.

While says the unit sells for $119, the cheapest price we’ve seen so far is $149 on Aliexpress (and that doesn’t include shipping). Still, given this is a complete TV setup with an array of ports and its own power, it’s considerably more expensive than the likes of the CX-919 that now sell for under $90 on eBay.

The Mele A1000G comes with 16GB of on-board flash and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) ready to roll. It’s HDMI v1.4 compliant and can support up to 4K (3840×2160-pixel) resolution video (at least so the specs say). There’s on-board 100Mbps Ethernet, three USB2.0 host ports and 802.11n Wi-Fi network.

Like previous-genreation A1000 models, this one includes the flip-up SATA port that allows you to load in a SATA-connected hard drive. However, you’ll need to be aware that the power adapter supplied is only capable of delivering 5V @ 2A DC power, so we’re not sure just how big (or old) a hard drive it’ll handle.

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