Two of Sony’s new laptop series not using latest Intel Haswell chips

fitIf you’re about to hit the market for one of Sony’s newly launched VAIO laptops and you’re expecting to see the very latest Intel CPU technology, you might want to just check your specs before handing over your cash.

The Japanese giant took the opportunity today to jump on the back of Intel’s fourth-generation Core series CPU launch to promote its own laptop line-up refresh.

However, it turns out that only two of the four new product series announced will come with the latest Haswell-codenamed processors.

While the compact VAIO Pro and VAIO Duo models will benefit from the new CPUs, we have been told by Sony’s Australian PR that the Fit and Fit E will utilise now-previous-generation Ivy Bridge CPUs.

The Fit range is Sony’s standard 15-inch form factor design, with prices for the Fit E models starting at $999. The higher-spec’d Fit prices begin at $1499.

At this stage, there is no word on when the Fit/Fit E models will transition over to Haswell-class chips, but at the moment, all models in these ranges will feature Ivy Bridge processors only.

Haswell is expected to deliver significantly improved battery life times over the previous-generation Ivy Bridge processors. So far, Sony-rival Dell has indicated as much with its new XPS 12 ultrabook convertible tablet gainingĀ more than two-hours’ extra run time through what the company believes is the new Intel CPU technology.


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1 comment for “Two of Sony’s new laptop series not using latest Intel Haswell chips

  1. Shawn
    July 14, 2013 at 8:17 am

    If vio pro and vio duo model both are not using the intel processors then it clear new technology and new marketers of motherboard and processors are coming.

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