Android 4.x hits 59% market share in May 2013

and1305With a device that’s always web-connected, it doesn’t take long to collate device numbers by operating system. And today, the numbers for Android operating systems for May 2013 are in.

Surprisingly, Android 4.x flavours have already snared more than half the total market, Jelly Bean has already overtaken Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.x) but the various sweet tasting flavours of Gingerbread (2.3.x) are still the most popular on the market (although by now, even this Gingerbread is starting to go a little stale).

What must be more concerning is already, there are so many different Android version on the market with many older devices effectively abandoned due to a lack of updates. There are still Donut (1.6) and Eclair (2.0) devices doing the rounds, making up just over 1.6% of devices in the wild.

The spread of Android versions is expected to grow further when Android 4.3 and possibly, even Android 5.0 see light before the end of the year.


But with sales of Samsung Android devices in hyperdrive, it shouldn’t take long for Jelly Bean to overtake Gingerbread and become the most popular Android OS. What it does say is that there are still plenty of happy Gingerbreads doing nicely in the market that haven’t been swayed by any of the shiny new toys to have been released so far in 2013.

Information of screen sizes and resolutions has also been made available by Google but can be more difficult decipher. On the left, you have the basic screen sizes available; across the top the various screen resolution options. Google can break down device numbers by screen size and resolution in this slightly-harder-to-figure table (it’s originally designed for developers who understand this stuff.)

Basically, the largest set of devices use ‘hdpi’ resolution to fit a ‘normal’ screen size, which you’d typically see in a 4-inch smartphone with 800×480-pixel resolution. There’s plenty of action coming in the ‘xhdpi’ or extra-high dots per inch density category, which would cover the growing number of  720p smartphones.

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