Quick Review: Logitech K700 wireless keyboard

k700REVIEW: Logitech K700 wireless keyboard
Rating: 4 out of 5
Price: $35 (eBay)
Web: www.logitech.com

Pros: Works with USB-stick mini PCs, built-in trackpad, uses 2 x AA batteries
Cons: A bit large for loungeroom use, rough keys
Special features: 2.4GHz wireless, includes USB transceiver unit

While Bluetooth is becoming more prevalent on many new-generation mini PCs, there are still plenty available that don’t – which makes using a Bluetooth keyboard somewhat problematic. So we purchased this Logitech K700 for just under $30 on eBay and had it working on all three of our non-Bluetooth USB stick-style mini PCs (MK808, CX-01 and the MK802). It comes with a tiny USB transceiver, which you simply plug into the mini PC or a powered USB hub connected to it. There are no drivers to worry about – it just works. Just make sure the USB transceiver is plugged in before you turn the mini PC on.

The keyboard itself features a notebook-style trackpad plus a left-mouse button you can operate with your left thumb. Unfortunately, the keys are not full-travel and feel a little bit clunky to press. However, if you’re happy to use either internal or network storage, you can plug the USB transceiver into the back of the mini PC and forget about a powered USB hub altogether. There are media keys too so it’ll work equally well as a desktop PC remote keyboard too. Power from two AA batteries means they’re easy to replace and yes, it works happily with NiMH cells too.

All up, it feels a bit like $30 but it’d be a pity to spend more when a mini PC will barely cost you more than $50. The K700 is solidly built and while it might be a bit big for loungeroom use, it’s relatively easy to use and the setup couldn’t be simpler.


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