Intel release new N2805, N2810, N2910 processors

atominsideWith Intel set to launch its up-coming Haswell processor family in the coming days, the chip giant is still pumping out what we think are Ivy Bridge-class 22-nanometre CPUs, albeit in the low-power Celeron-M range.

The new N2805, N2810 and N2910 chips were announced earlier this week with exactly zero fanfare, appearing the form of a new price list. According to CPU World, the N2800-series chips feature dual-core with no HyperThreading and 1MB of last-level cache (LLC).

The N2805 runs at 1.46GHz while the N2810 hits a neat 2GHz flat. The N2910 features four cores, no HyperThreading, 2MB of on-board LLC and a clock speed of 1.6GHz.

Interestingly, they’re all price at $132 each in 1000-off quantities, which as CPU World rightly points out, is significantly higher than previous Atom N2000-series CPUs.

What’s confusing everyone is that the chips are selling as part of the ‘Celeron-M’ range but are numbered like Atom chips. However, the Atom N2800 was released at the end of 2011 – this Cedarview chip clocked in at 1.86GHz and featured dual-cores with HyperThreading. If it is a new Atom CPU, 18 months is a long time between updates.

What isn’t clear about the new chips is their Thermal Design Power (TDP) – the Atom N2800 had a TDP of just 6.5-watts.

It’s likely these new chips will appear in low-cost Windows 8 tablets, but with only 1MB of LLC, the N2805/2810 offerings will likely struggle to give any sort of decent performance. The N2910 with its quad-core and 2MB of LLC is a much better bet, despite its lower clock speed.

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