Samsung’s Galaxy S4 survives scratch torture test

s4Samsung’s up-coming Galaxy S4 smartphone will be one of the first to use Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 3 display screen covering.

Corning claims GG3 is three times tougher that its previous-generation glass and in a recent demonstration at Spain’s Mobile World Congress, showed it surviving being hit by a dropped 4.7-ounch steel ball. The same test on a piece of Aluminium didn’t go as well.

Back to the Galaxy S4, one lucky owner, according to ubergizmo, has already decided to take Corning at its word, done the unthinkable and attacked his Galaxy S4 with keys, knives and coins and come out unscathed (the phone, that is).

We’ve all had those nightmare situations when what we thought was just a gentle tap has seen our phone screen splinter into a squillion shards. The S4 might well survive sitting in your pocket with your car keys, but it’ll be interesting to see how well it survives being dropped, whether on purpose or just by accident.

Maybe that’s one test no-one really wants to try if they can help it…

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