NAND flash market worth $30billion in 2013: report

flashsalesNon-volatile flash memory has made a whole range of products possible, everything from digital cameras to TVs and beyond.

But on the back of the stellar growth in smartphones and tablets, EETimes is reporting the global flash market will increase to $30billion this year, a 12% increase over 2012′s $26.8billion market.

The news is based on research from market analysts IC Insights and what’s interesting from the results is that the smartphone now accounts for 26% of the market, still more than twice that of tablet’s 12% market share. That said, IC Insights quotes the market growth of tablets from 65million in 2011, 117million in 2012 and forecasts are shipments to reach 167million this year. Other reports are suggesting shipments of budget tablets under $100 are expected to reach 100million this year.

Digital Still Cameras (DSC) were once the dominant flash storage devices but they have now fallen to just 6%. How the mighty have fallen.

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